6 Awesome, Hands on Nature Activities + Nature Study Link-Up!

Nature Link Up- Kid World Citizen

I am so happy to be a part of this round-up of nature activities! I have joined forces with 7 other fabulous sites to bring you a slew of lessons in nature study. First, here are our favorite nature activities for kids:

Learn about Rivers of the World

Learn about Rivers Kids- Kid World Citizen

Create a Neighborhood Tree Guide


Make Neighborhood Tree Guide for Kids- Kid World Citizen

Catch and Release Critters

Catch and Release Moth- Kid World Citizen

Make a Bracelet on a Nature Hike

Nature Bracelet Kids Nature Hike- Kid World Citizen

Compost your Kitchen Scraps

Compost in Garden- Kid World Citizen

Learn about Owls and Dissect Owl Pellets

Owl Pellet Unit for Kids- Kid World Citizen


Visit my co-hosts to learn about other exciting ways to incorporating nature study!

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