Sea Turtles: A Movie, A Craft, Books

Sea Turtles- Kid World Citizen
We’ve paired a great movie with a craft to celebrate Sea Turtles! 

Before we went to Mexico on our trip this summer, we studied as much as we could about sea turtles. To start off, we watched Turtle: The Incredible Journey. Have you seen this!? The cinematography is phenomenal!! You and your kids will follow a female loggerhead turtle on an extraordinary 2 year, 9000 mile journey from a beach in Florida, up the coast of North America to the frozen north, across the ocean to Africa, and then back to the beach where she was born. Oooh, and awww at the baby turtles in the first 30 seconds!

After the film, make this simple turtle craft. Gather the materials:

oil pastelsheavy white paper, and watercolor paints

Sea Turtle Art Project for kids- Kid World Citizen

Hawksbill Sea Turtle- Kid World Citizen

Check out photos of sea turtles on-line. Notice how sea turtles have large front flippers (unlike land tortoises) for swimming, and smaller back flippers that can be used for digging their nests in the sand. They have streamlined shells that can be anywhere from olive-green to yellow to browns, reds, or even black.  A sea turtle cannot retract its head under its shell as a land turtle can, and generally has the same type of camouflage on its limbs and head. The top part of the shell- called the carapace- is either oval or heart-shaped, and is covered with a layer of horny plates called scutes (except the leatherback turtle). We were told that adult males have longer, thicker tails than females.

Once you draw your turtles with the oil pastels, paint blue water over the entire pictures with the watercolors. Now you have your own sea turtles!

Sea Turtle Craft for kids- Kid World Citizen

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    Great craft! One of the most amazing experiences of my life was seeing baby sea turtles hatch and crawl out to the water when I went home to visit my parents who were living in Nicaragua while I was in college. They are incredible animals!

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    I’m going to look for this movie. Thank you for the recommendation. The children’s art is totally gorgeous. I like how unique each one is. Funny, because I posted a similar art activity this week that the kiddos created during our Geography Animal Habitats Around the World Study.

    We did a sea turtle study last year. We visited Sea Turtle Inc. rescue center on South Padre Island, Texas. The facility serves as a rehabilitation center for sick and injured sea turtles.

    I would also like to recommend the book “One Tiny Turtle” by Nicola Davies. It follows the life of a loggerhead turtle.

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      It is really good- there was some criticism because it is called a documentary, but some of it was filmed in an aquarium instead of in the ocean- but honestly, the kids don’t care!? And they learn soooo much about a turtles migration and life cycle. It is really awesome!!! I think you can stream in on-line in places. We saw it on Netflix.


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