Olympics Activities for Kids: Flag Scavenger Hunt for the Opening Ceremonies!

Are you looking for Olympics activities for kids? Will you be watching the Opening Ceremonies together as a family this Friday?

When I was a kid, I loved to watch the Olympics, beginning with the opening ceremonies. I am passing on this tradition to my kids, and wanted to make it a little more interactive. I researched which countries are participating in this winter’s Olympics, and put together a scavenger hunt for families to do together.

Click here to download the 2014 Olympics Opening Ceremonies Flag Scavenger Hunt! While you’re watching the Opening Ceremonies, earn:

  • 1 point for finding the team and flag
  • 1 point for naming the country
  • 1 point for naming the continent

If you want to really challenge your geography skills, take a globe out and find the countries as you go. Work together as a family or compete against each other to find all of the flags! Let me know on facebook how you do.

Olympics Activities for Kids- Kid World Citizen

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14 responses to “Olympics Activities for Kids: Flag Scavenger Hunt for the Opening Ceremonies!

  1. This is such a cute idea! I’m going to share this on Facebook and Twitter Friday morning so others can grab their copy ahead of the opening ceremonies!

  2. I have printed and am very ready to use tonight! I will be sharing on FB as well!

  3. Thank you! We can’t wait for the Olympics and this will be fun during the opening Ceremonies! Going to pin and share.

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  5. I love your idea to slip in some geography by using the flags from the Olympics. So perfect for my 6th grader who is learning the countries from around the world in Social Studies AND is interested in watching the Olympics tonight!

    • My kids were so excited that the flags I had were actually in the Opening Ceremonies, though we missed a couple. We never saw Ethiopia, but on the Winter Olympics page it says they have an athlete. I’m wondering what happened:)??? But they loved the activity.

  6. This is a great and simple activity to really be aware of the world coming together for such a wonderful event! Thanks for linking up too! I’m pinning now in hopes people see it right as they’re getting ready to watch!

  7. My son had so much fun doing this. Best. Geography. Lesson. Ever.

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