The Story of the Mexican Flag

Flags in their basic form are pieces of fabric flown from poles, that identify countries or groups of people. But the colors, symbols, and designs of the flags hold so much more information about the people and cultures they represent. People may be able to distinguish and recognize numerous flags- but how many times do we really have insights into their background? My husband shared the fascinating legend behind the Mexican flag with my kids and me:

Mexican Flag- Kid World Citizen
700 years ago (in 1325), the Aztecs lived in the arid desert in what is now northern Mexico. They were looking for the ideal place to build their new city. In the legend, the Aztec god Huizilopochtli (we-see-low-PōCH-tlee) told the Aztecs to build their city where they find an eagle, carrying a snake, lands on a nopal (cactus). As was predicted in the ancient prophecy, they spotted the eagle with a snake in its beak, on a cactus- in a huge swampy area. They built their city, Tenochtitlán on a small swampy island in Lake Texcoco- and this eventually became Mexico City. It is this scene that is displayed in the center of the Mexican flag, as the Mexican Coat of Arms.

The main design of the flag has been used since 1821. At this time, the colors represented the following:
green- independence
white- religion
red- union between Europe and the Americas

President Benito Juarez (president of Mexico from 1858 to 1872) separated church and state, and the meanings of the colors were changed to represent:
green- hope
white- unity
red- the blood of the national heroes.

Next time you see a Mexican flag, tell your kids the story of the eagle, the snake, and the cactus. As they learn the history behind the flags, they’ll get a glimpse into the culture and history that the flags represent.

If you’d like a short activity to teach your kids about the Mexican flag–including a printable of the flag they can color–check out our Story of the Mexican Flag packet at Teachers Pay Teachers! This packet is great for home or school use.
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Check out this short clip for that explains the flag further:

The Mexican Flag from on Vimeo.

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  1. Lyn says

    I am Lyn from Singapore and I am a fan of Mexican cultures.. :) Mexican cultures pique my interest.. ^^ I speak some Spanish and Korean.. Hope 2 see more topics about Mexico city..

    • kidworldcitizen says

      We don’t realize that all flags have a story and so much meaning behind them. I think seeing your flag while traveling abroad incurs such a deep emotion….

  2. says

    Sitting where with P&C. I just read them the story and we watched the video. We talked about what unity and heroes mean. P says she loves the picture of the flag and of course the girls find it hilarious that the lake is called Texcoco since my nickname is Coco.

    Thank you for this post from all three of us.


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