Make a Bracelet on a Nature Hike

Grab a roll of duct tape and put on some old shoes, we’re going on a nature hike!Nature Hike Craft with Kids- Kid World Citizen This activity has been around a while- it is easy, gets kids outside discovering, and the results are different every time. Make each child a “bracelet” out of duct tape, with the sticky side facing out. While taking a walk around the neighborhood, have them stick on their nature finds. We found shells, flowers, leaves, seeds, feathers, bark, grass… My son really wanted to stick on a roly-poly, but I told them no live creatures: “poor insects, they need to live on the ground.” He decided on colorful leaves instead:Collecting Leaves Nature Hike Craft- Kid World Citizen

As simple as this was, we passed a lot of kids walking home from school who also wanted a nature bracelet. I was ripping off duct tape as fast as I could for all of the kids. I had to smile when some 5th graders were asking if they could please have some “for their little sisters,” and were so obliged as they stuck on some flowers.Nature Bracelet Kids Nature Hike- Kid World Citizen Celebrate the beauty of Mother Earth in your own backyard!

33 responses to “Make a Bracelet on a Nature Hike

  1. Wonderful idea! I’m going to do that with my first graders this week!

  2. Looks so fun! I need to do this.

  3. This is simply brilliant! My kid is always collecting stuff when were are out walking even on the way to the bus stop. This is a great idea for her and pretty much every other kid I have ever encountered!

    • kidworldcitizen

      Thanks! I had to tell my kids not to put on “live” specimens since my kids also really love to collect bugs too haha!

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  5. What a perfect idea. I know it’s been around, but it’s new to us. The kids will go crazy for this. Thanks for sharing at the Kids Co-op!

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  8. Ness @ One Perfect Day

    This is such a lovely idea. We made one on our nature walk yesterday. Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. This is such a simple but awesome idea!

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  15. Darling idea! We tried this a few years ago too and had so much fun with it on a walk through the forest! Glad you got featured on Buzz Feed!

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  22. I loved this idea and we shaped our weekend around this….I finished my social work placement on Friday so this was such a cheery lovely thing to do with my daughters afterwards…Here is a link to Finnish flower bracelets…

  23. Don’t pick wildflowers-leave them for everyone to enjoy!!!

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