Docinhos de Banana com Chocolate: Sweets from Brazil

Today’s recipe for docinhos is written and shared by Neide Rigo: Brazilian chef, nutritionist, and author of award-winning food blog “Come-Se,” or “Eat Up.” If you want to learn about Brazilian cooking, please visit her amazing blog! Her original post in Portuguese is posted here below the English translation.  Neide Rigo says “I am a nutritionist, but today work more writing about food and giving cooking lessons. I like to showcase Brazil and its enormous biodiversity (which, of course, is not just Carnaval and football!).”

Banana Docinhos com Cacau- Kid World Citizen

I knew on Wednesday that I would have a child here on Thursday and bought some organic ripe bananas in the Tendal Lapa farmer’s market. I wondered how to give my guest something more attractive than the simple sweet paste that I had in mind. I thought of docinhos, of bananas combined with chocolate, so I also picked up some organic cocoa (Eco Tree brand), since mine is not a home of cookies, candies, sweets and delicacies beyond fruit.

I went to the kitchen before Eliana arrived with Nanani, her little 7 year old girl who had no school yesterday. I made the sweet mixture, and left it in the fridge to firm up so they were easier to shape. I planned to leave the task to the little girl, who did everything capriciously, and was very proud to have been able to handle two teaspoons to take small portions, push a spoon with the tip of another, slip it off and let it fall to a bed of ground cocoa powder making little dust around the plate..

Banana Docinho Mordido- Kid World Citizen

Since I know Nanani has a demanding palate, I was afraid that she would find the cocoa too bitter. Also the docinhos (candy) did not use too much sugar, since the bananas were so sweet. All for nothing- she ate about eight sweets and still felt better than normal. So here is a tip: take advantage of very ripe bananas and you will still appeal to kids.Banana Sweets Ingredients- Kid World Citizen


300 g of mature bananas – this calls for 3 or 4 bananas
2 Tablespoons of sugar (I used organic crystal, but you can use brown sugar, brown sugar or honey, grated)
2 Tbsp butter
2 Tbsp cocoa powder

Rolling Banana Sweets- Kid World Citizen

Mash the bananas well and add remaining ingredients. Beat with a mixer or pass through sieve (in this case, you can leave the butter for later). Place it on heat and simmer, without stirring constantly.  Scrape the bottom of the pan, until it results in a sweet and dense mixture that does not slip easily from the spoon.

Spread on a plate and refrigerate to be firmer (spread out causes more water vapor so it becomes more dense and sweet).


Rolling Out The Banana Doces- Kid World CitizenPlace cocoa powder in a bowl. Use 2 teaspoons to remove portions of the mixture, and roll it in the cocoa powder. If your docinhos stay sweet and dense, you may be able to model balls with your hands, like brigadieros. Pass the cocoa powder and go arranging a plate. And there you go!

Becky’s note: We also tried freezing them, for an “ice cream-like” treat in our hot Houston weather. I want to try rolling these in crushed cashews, or mini-chocolate sprinkles- so many possibilities!

Eating Banana Doce Sweets- Kid World CitizenEnjoying Banana Doce Sweets- Kid World Citizen


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