Reduce and Declutter While Helping Families With Goodwill

Last Christmas I shared how many of you tackle the clutter and avoid overloading gifts with your kids by doing regular clean ups and donating items that are no longer loved and being used often. One thing I love to do is take a bag or box to Goodwill because not only do I get to give an item a new lease on life, but because there are so many other benefits as well. For example did you know that Goodwill actually helps fund job training and placement opportunities for people with disabilities or disadvantages in your community?

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Poland for Kids Series: Poznan & Gniezno

I recently met a young girl living in Poland, who is interested in sharing Polish landscapes and culture with kids around the world. This is the first post in a series (“Poland for Kids”) where Ada will give us a virtual tour of towns and special places around Poland. Today she’ll show us Poznan & Gniezno. If you have questions for Ada, leave her a comment below!
Poland for Kids- Kid World Citizen

“The World Is as Big or as Small as You Make It”

“The World Is As Big Or As Small As You Make It” | Sundance Institute

Is there graffiti in Kazakhstan?  Do you like living in Nigeria? Is your food spicy or sweet? Are there rich people there? Have you ever been on a plane before? In the new short film “The World Is as Big or as Small as You Make It,” students from Philadelphia use technology to connect with peers around the world in touching, cross-cultural exchanges.  Continue reading

Shoe-Cutting Party for Sole Hope: Helping Kids in Uganda Live Healthier Lives

Sole Hope Shoe Cutting Party- Kid World Citizen

Every year our Girl Scout troop picks a service project that we can do as a Mother-Daughter event. We’ve helped packed lunches for kids in need, made blankets for kids in the hospital through Project Linus, and this year, we held a shoe-cutting party for Sole Hope. (see a list of fantastic service projects for kids here!) The pieces we cut out of recycled jeans would be used to make shoes for kids in Uganda, preventing infections from jiggers that live in the sand. Volunteering and service projects help teach kids empathy and instill compassion- two essential traits of little world citizens!

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Service Project for Kids: Working to Eradicate Childhood Hunger

Food Insecurity Lessons- Kid World CitizenDid you know that 1 in 5 kids is at risk for child hunger, affecting every county in the US?! That means that 16 million kids in the US aren’t getting the food they need. It’s mind-blowing, it’s tragic, and it’s in our own backyards.

My kids and I recently connected with a local organization that helps to fight child hunger; we donated lunch items, and spent the afternoon assembling lunches for kids in need. Here’s how you can get involved in your area. Continue reading