Learn about Liberia: Facts, History, and Culture

Liberia Facts- Kid World Citizen

In 1999, my first year teaching ESL at the high school level, I had 2 sisters from Liberia who had moved to the US as asylum seekers, escaping the war in their country. They told the class about how Liberia had been formed as a colony of freed slaves from the US. The sisters talked about the terrible war that was being fought in their country, and how their parents had been killed. In the end they said that they wanted people to know their country for more than the awful war that was raging at that time. I remember wiping away tears after hearing of their escape from their town and their excitement about coming to the US.

I had forgotten about these sisters until the recent ebola outbreak pushed Liberia into the spotlight again. Too often the media focuses on disease and war when highlighting countries in Africa. Too little is known about the geography, the land, the cultures, and the people that live on this vast continent. Here is a mini-introduction to Liberia, the small West African nation of 4.2 million people that has been thrust into the news. This is dedicated to my 2 ESL students from Liberia.

Liberia Facts and Profile

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Glow-in-the-Dark Skull Bags for Day of the Dead!

This post is sponsored by Tulip Glow Paint.
Day of the Dead Craft Bags- Kid World Citizen

My 9 year old daughter has decided that she is growing out of her hard pumpkin trick-or-treat bag, so I thought we could upcycle a cloth grocery bag for her treats this year. We were sent some Tulip Glow Paint to try out and are SO excited to show you how we made our Day of the Dead “calavera” bags!

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Global Bulletin Board Ideas: “How to Say Friend in Any Language”

School-wide displays can help to create the overall feeling of inclusiveness in a school. Check out these bulletin board ideas that expose kids to world languages encourage global thinking!

Multicultural Bulletin Board Ideas- Kid World Citizen

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Follow Global and Multicultural Families on Instagram

Families Around the World: MKB Instagram Blog Hop!
The Multicultural Kid Blogs (MKB) site is an incredible resource for multicultural families (whether through marriage, adoption, expat life, or otherwise), written by bloggers around the world and dedicated to raising world citizens, through arts, activities, crafts, food, language, and love.

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Day of the Dead Face Paint!

Day of the Dead Face Paint- Kid World Citizen

How cute is my little guy sporting Day of the Dead face paint as a “calavera” (skull)?? Here are some simple step-by-step instructions to create your own unique Day of the Dead face paint design! Whether you’re going for cute or creepy, you can complete your Day of the Dead or Halloween look with Tulip® Body Art®! Continue reading