Ghanaian Goldilocks

Ghanaian Goldilocks- Kid World CitizenI had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Tamara Nicole Pizzoli, author of several noteworthy children’s books. If you saw my posts on Cinderella Around the World, Trickster Tales Around the World, or Gingerbread Stories from Around the World you know I love comparing fairytales and folktales from different cultures, hunting for cultural differences and similarities. Dr Pizzoli has come out with a remarkable new book called “The Ghanaian Goldilocks.”  Continue reading

4 Ways to Experience Sea Turtles in Mexico

What better place to experience sea turtles in Mexico than Akumal, which means “place of the turtles” in Mayan.  From April through December, you might observe nesting and hatching sea turtles in the 2 bays of Akumal. Here are 4 ways you can experience sea turtles in Mexico.

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Panda Facts, Books, Crafts, Videos, and More

Would you like to learn pandas facts? Whether you are doing a report on pandas or you just adore these cuddly animals, here’s everything you need to know: panda facts for kids, books about pandas, plus videos, games, and more!

Panda Facts for Kids- Kid World Citizen

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6 African-American Inventors for Kids

African American Inventors for Kids- Kid World CitizenFebruary is Black History Month! While we hope that black history is integrated throughout the year, the special focus in February is to highlight African-Americans whose achievements are under-appreciated, or even forgotten. Kids AND adults can take the time to learn something new about black history, or the contemporary black experience. We’ve decided to research famous African-American inventors, and their contributions to the world. How many African-American inventors do you know?

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Sheep Crafts for Chinese New Year!

2015 is the year of the sheep (also called goat, ram)! Here are 8 fun and easy sheep crafts you can add to your Chinese New Year lesson plan to help kids get into the celebration in a fun and creative way! (but the sheep crafts won’t mind if you use them to learn about Easter, Eid, or the coming of spring too!)

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