Geography for Kids from Our Home in Pittsburgh

by Mandy Yokim, from Wonderaddo
Geography Lessons from Home Kids- Kid World Citizen

I have always loved maps. World maps, grocery store maps, those old city and state maps that you’d unfold and never be able to fold back just right – I like how they present information in a visual way. Now as a parent, I would be thrilled if my kids grow up loving maps. Even if they don’t love them, though, I am determined that they will grow up at least knowing how to understand them and use them to explore the world. Continue reading

Learn about the Sikh Spring Holiday: Vaisakhi

Today Navjot Kaur shares with us the Sikh celebration of Vaisakhi, celebrated in April. Learn about Vaisakhi, the traditions associated with the holiday, the five core Khalsa values, and some books featuring Sikh families.

Vaisakhi Learn About Sikh- Kid World Citizen

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Kids Share their Corner of the World: Learn about Kenya

This post was shared with us by the Shauri Yako Community Youth Support Centre, a community-based organization that works to improve the life of underprivileged kids in Nyeri, Kenya. They wanted to share a bit about their corner of the world with my readers- let’s learn about Kenya!
Kids In Kenya- Kid World Citizen
Our Corner of the World.  This is a story of kids and their small community called Shauri Yako in Nyeri, Kenya. Continue reading

Children’s Author Shares her Armenian Culture through Stories

Lucine Kasbarian- Kid World CitizenI am so excited I got to interview award-winning children’s author Lucine Kasbarian, who shares Armenian culture in her folktales and stories for children. You can see more at her web site.  Continue reading

Resources to Learn about World Architecture for Kids

Famous Buildings Around the World for Kids- Kid World Citizen
Kids love building structures, and learning how they are made. Here are some facts about world architecture for kids, 6 fantastic books about famous buildings around the world, and some on-line lessons and games to spur kids’ interest in the ways buildings are built. Enjoy! Continue reading

“My Very Own World Adventure” Personalized Book for Kids

I was sent a lovely multicultural, personalized book for kids to review, and had no idea how much I would love it! “My Very Own World Adventure,” written by Maia Haag, is the most unique book I’ve seen for kids! The personalized story invites your child (by name) on a magic carpet ride to meet children from around the world who give you a special gift from their country.

Using each letter of their names (in our case my son Ricky), the book takes you on a world tour of countries whose first letters spell out your child’s name. For example, Ricky‘s book began by meeting kids from Russia, Italy, Cuba, Kenya, and Yunnan (China). Here was the page for “R:”

Personalized Global Book for Kids- Kid World CItizen

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Diego Rivera for Kids: Make your Own Mural!

Have you heard of Diego Rivera, the famous Mexican muralist? This multicultural art lesson on Diego Rivera for kids includes a beautiful, collaborative art project perfect for classrooms and large groups! Teaching kids about famous artists can not only be fun, but can result in beautiful artwork.

Diego Rivera Collaborative Multicultural Art Project

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Kids: Learn about Mozambique

Stephanie Lerner was a Peace Corps volunteer in Mozambique, and today shares a bit of culture: clothes, food, language, and more. Step outside your community and learn about Mozambique.

Mozambique is a magical African country that is off the beaten tourist path and sometimes overshadowed by its very famous neighbor, South Africa.  The two countries’ cultures and histories are deeply intertwined…did you know that Nelson Mandela, the late president of South Africa, was married to Graca Machel, wife of  Mozambique’s first president?

Mozambique House- Kid World Citizen

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Family on the Loose! A Family Travel Guide

Family on the Loose- Family Travel-Kid World CitizenDo you enjoy family travel? Does the thought of taking your kids on a big trip leave you excited or terrified?

I recently was sent a book called Family on the Loose: The Art of Traveling with Kids by Bill Richards and Ashley Steel. The authors have traveled through North America, Europe, and Asia with their two daughters, and offer hundreds of ideas to make your trip run smoother and help your family turn their travels into rewarding, enriching adventures. Even though I consider myself a well-traveled mom, comfortable taking my kids on trips abroad and domestic (even traveling alone!)- I still have so much to learn and had a lot fun reading this book! I turned down the corners of more than half of the pages, and scribbled notes in the margins, noting concrete tips for families who travel: Continue reading

History of Peruvian Potatoes, A Recipe + Link-Up

January’s pick for our “Around the World in 12 Dishes” series is Peru!! Let’s learn about the history of Peruvian potatoes, and taste them in a great dish!

Do you know where the potato is originally from? The Andes Mountains in South America! Scientists have found potatoes in the area of Lake Titicaca, where they believe they were farmed as early as 10,000 years ago. The Andes Mountains are the longest mountain range on the planet (5500 mi!) with active volcanoes, earthquakes, floods, and landslides. Can you find the Andes on a map? How do you imagine the climate is in the high mountains, at that distance from the equator? The climate is cold because the air is too thin to hold heat, and the conditions are harsh at the high altitudes.

Peru Potato Market- Kid World Citizen

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