“Warak Dawalie”- Palestinian Stuffed Grape Leaves

Warak Dawalie Palestinian Stuffed Grape Leaves- Kid World Citizen

When my generous friend Gigi offered to teach me how to make “warak dawalie” (Palestinian stuffed grape leaves) with her mom’s traditional recipe, I was ecstatic. I had tried these little bites of juicy goodness before, but never thought I would attempt to make them myself! When we got to her house, Gigi led us outside to her backyard- imagine my excitement when we went into her garden to pick our own grape leaves!? Amazing. Here’s how we made our own stuffed grape leaves. Continue reading

Love Books Exchange: Map & Geography Book and Activities

Love Books Summer Exchange- Kid World Citizen

The Love Books Exchange is hosted and organized by the lovely partners at  The Educators’ Spin On It each Summer.  They bring together 60 (SIXTY!) awesome bloggers to exchange books, supplies, ideas, and then share that inspiration with our readers. Learn more about the Love Books Exchange here.  And follow along with all of the awesome book-inspired activities on Pinterest, too!

We were paired up with our friends at B-Inspired Mama, who shares awesome crafts, recipes, and fun ideas to do with your kids. She picked out the perfect book for us: Maps and Geography (Ken Jennings’ Junior Genius Guides).

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Summer Reading for the Wanderlust: 26 Book Recommendations!

Wanderlust is “a strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world.” It’s daydreaming about the Cai Be floating market of Vietnam while you’re packing your kids’ lunches, and imagining the hike up the Inca trail while you’re walking them to school. For now, I’ll have to settle for armchair travel choices in my summer reading- but when I’m immersed in a book I am transported to Papuan (New Guinea) jungle where I can feel the sticky humidity (oh wait, that’s just the Houston summer getting to me!).

Summer Reading Books on Travel Cultures Global Living Education- Kid World Citizen

I was asked by a reader to give some summer reading recommendations for globally-minded parents and teachers. While I have several favorites, I thought it would be great to ask my friends at Multicultural Kid Blogs, a very diverse group of parents from around the globe. The suggestions that came up are fabulous!!!! We have book recommendations from Nigeria to Papua New Guinea, France to the Netherlands, Argentina to Afghanistan- the settings alone will tickle your travel itch and the cultural references and background information opens your eyes to a myriad of perspectives. Cultural memoirs and novels, toolkits for raising multilingual kids, parenting and education guides from around the world for multicultural families, expat families, TCKs, nomad families, and more. Here are all of our recommendations- add your favorites in the comments! Continue reading

Endangered Species: Primates Lesson Plan for Kids

endangered species unit for kids primates lessonWhile endangered species is a theme taught in elementary schools, oftentimes these lessons are missing a fundamental idea: teaching kids that we are all connected! Our actions in one part of the world affect humans, animals, and plants around the world. I recently created a whole series of activities aimed to teach just that. By emphasizing how we are all connected, the activities the “Endangered Primates Unit” will have a lasting impact on students, empowering kids as they learn that they truly can make a positive difference in the world. Kids not only learn about endangered species, but focus on taking action and spreading awareness to others. Continue reading

Tie-Dye Shirts and their Cultural History

This post is sponsored by i Love To Create and Tulip Products.

Tie-dye shirts is a typical summer craft- from summer camps to driveway parties. But did you know that it is not a new invention? Even before the 1960s, tie-dye technique has roots in Indian bandhani and Japanese shibori. In both cases, the dyeing techniques involve binding areas of fabric before dyeing to create color patterns (much as it does today!). Learn about the history of tie-dye in other cultures, and tie-dye your summer!

Tie Dye Shirts Kids- Kid World Citizen
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Twitter for Teachers: Education Hashtags to Build PLN

Educational Hashtags Teachers Twitter- Kid World CitizenTwitter is the social media platform that limits users to 140-character messages called tweets. It’s easy to miss the power of Twitter for teachers and its growing influence as a compelling professional development tool. Are you an educator? Or are you interested in education? Twitter is a way to connect, communicate, and collaborate with like-minded educators. Continue reading

6 Awesome, Hands on Nature Activities + Nature Study Link-Up!

Nature Link Up- Kid World Citizen

I am so happy to be a part of this round-up of nature activities! I have joined forces with 7 other fabulous sites to bring you a slew of lessons in nature study. First, here are our favorite nature activities for kids: Continue reading

Icy “Paletas,” Mexican Popsicles

For the Multicultural Kid Blogger’s World Cup series, I am presenting on several different countries that are participating. Today’s country is Mexico! Today we’ll look at famous Mexican popsicles and then learn to make our own!

Mexican Popsicles Recipes- Kid World Citizen

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Continents of the World Map Activity for Kids

One of the first geography lessons for kids is often to learn to name the continents and oceans. In this simple and effective continents of the world map activity, kids will color, cut, paste, and label the continents and oceans.

Continents of the World Map Activity Kids- Kid World Citizen


Learn the Continents of the World Oceans Kid World Citizen PrintableLearn the Continents of the World Printable

Do this activity in your classroom or home!

Visit the Kid World Citizen store to purchase the Learn the Continents and Oceans Activity. All continent outlines and labels are included.
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Kelewele Recipe: Fried Plantains from Ghana

For the Multicultural Kid Blogger’s World Cup series, I am presenting on several different countries that are participating. Today’s country is Ghana! I wanted to find an easy recipe that kids would enjoy, and I remembered back to college when a roommate learned to make a type of fried plantains for her boyfriend from Ghana. After some research I discovered the name of this common street food: kelewele.Fried Plantains Kelewele Recipe- Kid World Citizen

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