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20+ Spanish Games and Apps for Kids

Best Spanish Games Apps Kids- Kid World CitizenI believe kids should be exposed to world languages from a young age, and that exposure is possible no matter where you live. As the mom to 5 emerging bilingual kids, and as a Spanish teacher, I am asked for my favorite Spanish games and apps from readers, friends, and students. Will playing Spanish games or apps make you fluent? Not in isolation. BUT they are a great way to learn new vocabulary, and practice reading, writing, spelling, or grammar. Here is a list of Spanish games and apps, their recommended ages, and the skills they focus on. In the descriptions, you’ll see if it is created for Spanish learners or if it’s better for bilingual kids who would just like to practice their Spanish.

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Pacay: A Tree, A Fruit, A Bean and A Musical Instrument

Pacay Shaker lliqlla- Kid World CitizenThis post is written by award-winning multicultural musician “DARIA-” Daria Marmaluk-Hajioannou. If you are looking for an incredible resource to learn about multicultural music and instruments for kids, you must check out her site. Thank you so much for sharing this Amazonian instrument with us! Continue reading

Hispanic Heritage Month Resources + Giveaway!

Hispanic Heritage Blog Hop - MulticulturalKidBlogs.comHispanic Heritage Month runs from September 15 to October 15 every year, “celebrating the histories, cultures and contributions of American citizens whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean and Central and South America (from Hispanic Heritage Month. gov). While it’s important to continue learning about cultures throughout the year, Hispanic Heritage Month offers a chance to highlight Latin American cultures; communities often offer museum exhibits, folkloric dancing, children’s activities and even parades during this time. Continue reading

Drinks from Around the World

Drinks from Around the World- Kid World Citizen

I have joined together with a fabulous group of multicultural bloggers to bring you 19 drinks from around the world! Travel the globe from your kitchen as you try these new textures and flavors with your kids while you quench your thirst. Click on the titles for the recipes and map your drinks, discovering a bit of the cultures who enjoy them! Continue reading

Using Bilingual Stories to Teach “un Poquito de Español”

When people hear that I’m a Spanish teacher, or that we speak Spanish at home with our kids, I am immediately asked for resources that I recommend to introduce their kids to Spanish. When searching for bilingual stories, you will find millions of books written– or translated into– Spanish. The huge majority of these books are at a language level that only Spanish-speakers would benefit from. How could an English-speaking parent read “Curious George” in Spanish, if neither she nor her child understands the language?

You will also find thousands of picture dictionaries… and one word per page boardbooks… and textbooks. There are also terrible translations (Azul el sombrero, verde el sombrero being my biggest pet-peeve!). What my friends are looking for are none of the above. They would like simple stories that teach a little Spanish (but are not too advanced that the parents can’t read or understand them!): here are my best recommendations.Bilingual Books for Kids English and Spanish- Kid World Citizen


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