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Arts and Crafts Activities to help kids learn about the world. Multicultural, geography, and science lessons for children in preschool, kindergarten, and elementary school.

Hands-On Water Activities for Kids

March 22 is World Water Day!!! Here are some fantastic HANDS-ON water activities for kids to engage in authentic learning about water, water conservation, and the water cycle!
Water Activites for Kids- Kid World Citizen
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Paper Art: Landforms for Kids

Paper Art Landforms for Kids- Kid World Citizen

Kids: let’s learn about landforms, with a clever paper art project that incorporates all of the types of landforms on a single poster. This geography craft is a great component in a unit on landforms for kids.

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Panda Facts, Books, Crafts, Videos, and More

Would you like to learn pandas facts? Whether you are doing a report on pandas or you just adore these cuddly animals, here’s everything you need to know: panda facts for kids, books about pandas, plus videos, games, and more!

Panda Facts for Kids- Kid World Citizen

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Sheep Crafts for Chinese New Year!

2015 is the year of the sheep (also called goat, ram)! Here are 8 fun and easy sheep crafts you can add to your Chinese New Year lesson plan to help kids get into the celebration in a fun and creative way! (but the sheep crafts won’t mind if you use them to learn about Easter, Eid, or the coming of spring too!)

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Panda Crafts, Panda Snacks

Look at all of these panda crafts and panda snacks! The perfect panda crafts whether you’re studying pandas, learning about China (add a panda craft to your Chinese New Year unit!)– or you just love these adorable bears! Check out this fab collection of panda crafts and snacks:

Panda Crafts Panda Snacks- Kid World Citizen

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