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5 Must-Haves in a Bilingual, Print Rich Environment

Print Rich Environment Bilingual- Kid World CitizenBeing able to read in another languages is not just an advantage during travel abroad, it’s so much more! Being biliterate gives my children the opportunity to fully participate in Latin culture by mastering the nuances of the language and appreciating children’s literature, movies, the arts in their original form (not through translations!). For bilingual families, reading and writing means they can write emails and letters to their cousins and grandparents- actively maintaining relationships (and their language skills) when school life is full of English.

One way to foster bi-literacy is to to surround our kids with a print rich environment, with abundant displays of printed materials: classroom labels on everything, a variety of newspapers, magazines, and books, countless creative ways to practice writing, etc. Whether you are a parent or teacher looking to expose your kids to another language, or you’d like to reinforce bilingual literacy: these 5 tips will establish a print rich environment in both languages.  Continue reading

A Gift for Teachers, Made by Kids

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Make a Schultuete: A German “School Cone”

Make a Schultute Germany- Kid World Citizen

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A friend who moved to the US from Germany asked me if we made “sugar cones” for our kids at the beginning of school. I had no idea what these were, and decided to do more research. A “schultüte” (or school cone) is a large, colorfully-decorated paper cone, generally filled with little trinkets, sweets, and school supplies given to kids on their first day of school to help ease their anxiety. Continue reading

Tie-Dye Shirts and their Cultural History

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Tie-dye shirts is a typical summer craft- from summer camps to driveway parties. But did you know that it is not a new invention? Even before the 1960s, tie-dye technique has roots in Indian bandhani and Japanese shibori. In both cases, the dyeing techniques involve binding areas of fabric before dyeing to create color patterns (much as it does today!). Learn about the history of tie-dye in other cultures, and tie-dye your summer!

Tie Dye Shirts Kids- Kid World Citizen
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Continents of the World Map Activity for Kids

One of the first geography lessons for kids is often to learn to name the continents and oceans. In this simple and effective continents of the world map activity, kids will color, cut, paste, and label the continents and oceans.

Continents of the World Map Activity Kids- Kid World Citizen


Learn the Continents of the World Oceans Kid World Citizen PrintableLearn the Continents of the World Printable

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