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Panda Facts, Books, Crafts, Videos, and More

Would you like to learn pandas facts? Whether you are doing a report on pandas or you just adore these cuddly animals, here’s everything you need to know: panda facts for kids, books about pandas, plus videos, games, and more!

Panda Facts for Kids- Kid World Citizen

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Sheep Crafts for Chinese New Year!

2015 is the year of the sheep (also called goat, ram)! Here are 8 fun and easy sheep crafts you can add to your Chinese New Year lesson plan to help kids get into the celebration in a fun and creative way! (but the sheep crafts won’t mind if you use them to learn about Easter, Eid, or the coming of spring too!)

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Panda Crafts, Panda Snacks

Look at all of these panda crafts and panda snacks! The perfect panda crafts whether you’re studying pandas, learning about China (add a panda craft to your Chinese New Year unit!)– or you just love these adorable bears! Check out this fab collection of panda crafts and snacks:

Panda Crafts Panda Snacks- Kid World Citizen

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Gorgeous Stained Glass Window Craft with Holidays Around the World

Holidays Around the World Craft- Kid World CitizenMy kids have done a similar project every year, but I wanted to include more multicultural celebrations. I worked with an awesome illustrator (my artistic sister!) to create a more diverse set of “Holidays Around the World” stained glass window templates! This is a FABULOUS project to do the week before winter break: easy, cheap, multicultural- and truly stunning whether you hang them all on the wall or send them home for their parents. Continue reading

Bilingual Minibook for Las Posadas: Christmas in Mexico

Las Posadas in Mexico- Kid World CitizenPassing on cultural traditions (both Mexican and US) to our children is extremely important to my husband and I: language, food, celebrations, and religion are four significant areas that we try to integrate into our lives. Not only does it help them identify with both the English and Spanish communities, but it strengthens the bond we have within our family, instills pride in their heritage, and increases their language competence. But even for children who are not Mexican, learning about Las Posadas and other traditions of Christmas around the world (actually, ANY holidays around the world!). This English-Spanish bilingual book helps kids learn about Las Posadas as they color the pictures and read the story. Continue reading