Winter Crafts for Kids: An Ice Sun Catcher!

I am a strong proponent of getting kids outside, no matter what the temperature. As long as we’re dressed appropriately, I let the kids play in the freezing snow in Chicago, or at the park in 100+° in humid Houston- and I love to help them observe how nature changes with the weather. Last spring we made a duct tape bracelet on a nature hike, gathering treasures along the way. I wanted to display their nature collection this winter (on a visit to Chicago) and we found a great way to do so: ice sun catchers. Winter crafts for kids are more fun when you get the kids outside!

Winter Crafts for Kids Ice Suncatchers- Kid World CItizen

Make your own Ice Sun Catcher!

Making Winter Crafts with Kids- Kid World CitizenFirst, dress up in warm clothes and go on a nature hike! While many plants hibernate during the winter, look for pine cones, seeds, berries, and evergreens. Talk to your kids about how some trees (deciduous) have adapted to the cold by dropping their leaves while other trees have adapted by developing needles that retain water and won’t get broken in the snow. We talked about how the seeds and berries give food to the animals who do not migrate or hibernate- and were hoping a squirrel or mouse would enjoy our sun catcher as it melted away the goodies.

Materials for Winter Crafts for Kids- Kid World CitizenAfter you’ve collected your treasures in nature, you will need a pie tin, some twine, and a jug of water. Have the kids arrange their findings in the pie tin.

Winter Crafts for Kids Ice Nature- Kid World Citizen

We tied the twine around a pine cone to anchor it into the ice. The kids, in their own artistic way, arranged the pine needles, dried leaves, berries, sticks, and even rocks into the pie tin.

Winter Crafts Nature Hike Kids- Kid World Citizen

Carefully will with water, making sure the twine is at least partially underwater. Let them sit overnight in freezing temperatures (or at least for a couple of hours) and then pop out the ice sun catcher and hang up!

Winter Nature Hike Suncatcher- Kid World Citizen

Even though it was 32 degrees out, ours began to melt in the sun!

Ice Suncatchers- Kid World CitizenThis is a great art project that is both free and easy, gets your kids outside and exercising even in the cold, and helps them appreciate how nature changes in the seasons! We enjoyed watching our craft from the kitchen, as the kids waited and hoped for critters to visit and feed on the seeds and berries.

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    • kidworldcitizen says

      Yes- we are in Texas, and it isn’t cold enough to freeze them here- we made them in Chicago:). But I’m thinking we could do them in the freezer here and then still hang them up? They might last a few hours! :)

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      It’s so pretty hanging from the trees or fence!:) I can’t wait to see the other great ideas from the Winter Wonderland Blog Hop!


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