Diwali Rangoli Art from India: Chalk + Colored Sand

Rangoli Art for Diwali Crafts Kids- Kid World Citizen
Have you ever seen the decorative floor art called rangoli? Rangoli art from India, a folk art used during Hindu festivals to bring good luck and welcome the Hindu deities. Check out these beautiful google images and then try out this stunning, colorful project with your kids. It’s a beautiful, hands-on, collaborative art project that engages kids and teaches about other cultures!

Diwali Rangoli Kids- Kid World CitizenFirst, draw a symmetrical pattern with white chalk on the ground outside. Rangoli art from India is typically displayed at the entrance of a home. The details in rangoli decorations can include lotus flowers, mango leaves, geometric shapes, or other elaborate designs made of rice flour, colored sand, or even flower petals. On a recent visit to our public library, the wonderful librarians had drawn out their design in white chalk, and had the kids use colored sand to fill it in. Each child was given a small cup of colored sand, and instructed where to sprinkle it.

Making a Rangoli with Kids- Kid World CitizenKids Rangoli Diwali- Kid World CitizenAs the children being to fill in the sections with sand, the librarian was able to guide the children to add more sand, and easily could brush away spilled colors without compromising the design. Children as young as 4 were participating, though everyone wanted to stop by to watch the design unfold.

Chalk Rangoli Diwali- Kid World Citizen

Diwali Crafts for Kids- Kid World Citizen

So pretty!!!!! If you’d like to learn more about rangoli, here’s another article with videos. If you’re interested in sharing Diwali traditions with your kids, check out all of our Diwali activities! You can decorate thali plates, make delicious Indian sweets, create your own diya, and learn more about the celebration.
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We have designed a range of beautiful, fun, Common Core aligned Diwali activities that can be found at the Kid World Citizen Teachers Pay Teachers Store!

This packet contains everything you need to introduce and celebrate Diwali a classroom or home setting.
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    • kidworldcitizen says

      Thanks Jody! Everyone walking in stopped to see what was going on- I think it really attracts a wide audience of observers and admirers, as well as the kids participating:).

    • kidworldcitizen says

      It was hard to get them to leave for a bit to enjoy the other activities!!! I highly recommend this cooperative project.

    • kidworldcitizen says

      Oh wow, congratulations! I can’t wait to hear more about your trip!!! Do you have an adoption blog?? I am so happy for you!!!!

  1. says

    Thanks for the lovely pics and for bringing your kids over, Becky! It was awesome to see the kids get into all the activities. I’d love to cook up some more activities like this – we should talk!

    • kidworldcitizen says

      It was such a wonderful activity- we are so lucky to have our amazing library system:). I’d love to do more activities like this!

    • kidworldcitizen says

      Thank you!!! We love how it turned out- and the kids all the work on filling in the design with the sand:).


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