“My Place in the World” Kids Geography Project

This is an easy kids geography project that helps teach how we- and our community- fit into the wider world.  Gather your art supplies and let’s get started.

My Place in the World- Kid World Citizen
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Edit: since publishing this article numerous readers have suggested pairing this kids geography activity with the book “Me on the Map“- what a great idea!!!!

Kids Geography Project:

First, gather your materials. You will need construction paper of different colors, crayons or markers, scissors, and glue. We traced different mixing bowls to create the different sized, concentric circles. As the circles get bigger, their pictures show bigger geographic areas.

My World Project- Kid World Citizen
The circles are labeled with the following titles (English and then Spanish):

My World Project- Kid World CitizenMy house – Mi casa
My city – Mi ciudad
My state – Mi estado
My country – Mi país
My continent – Mi continente
My planet – Mi planetaMy World Project- Kid World Citizen

Each circle will be labelled, and then decorated with a representative image.

For “my house,” have them write their address, their city for “my city,” etc until they reach “Earth” for their planet. Because I was doing this project with 4, 6, and 7 year olds, I printed pictures of our state, country, and continent from the internet (Tip: when you want only an outline of a country, type in “France map coloring page“).  They drew their house, a scene from our city, and we used a paper plate for the final circle. I showed the kids pictures of the world to come up with “my planet.” Finally, we punched holes in the top and used binder rings (from an office supply store) to assemble the project. My kids presented their projects by reading the titles, and explaining the details to us.

Kids Geography My Place in this World- Kid World Citizen

My Place in the World Kids Geography Activity Plan Printable TPT

Want the materials for this project?

Find the full printable lesson plan for the “My Place in the World” Project at the Kid World Citizen Teachers Pay Teachers Store!

The lesson plan comes with everything you need to easily incorporate this project into a classroom setting.
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69 responses to ““My Place in the World” Kids Geography Project

  1. I am LOVING your website! So much to learn and do and I can’t wait to do this project (along with others) with my kids!

  2. I LOVE this idea!! What a great way to show them all the different places we call home and how they relate to each other. Pure genius!

    • Thanks Ruthanne! My kids did a similar project at school regarding their “leaders”- Ms. P is my teacher, in charge of my class. Mr. D is the principal, in charge of the whole school. Mr. X is our mayor, in charge of our town, then the governor, and the president. I adapted it to this activity with places because I think they still get confused between city, state, country, etc.

  3. Excellent activity! Exploring our place in the world like this is also very beneficial to students with special needs, particularly ones struggling with organization of time and space.

  4. That’s pretty rude. The Internet is full of ideas gleaned from each other. Most people don’t care as its for children and not for adults to get all uppity about it. It’s a cute activity, thank you for posting.

  5. I love this project entirely, but thinking that I will have a few less circles on ours as we live on Norfolk Island, a tiny little island in the middle of the south pacific, no city or state, I guess the nearest continent would be Australia. It might be fun to do it using the traditional Norf’k language too. Next time I work at the local preschool(casual), I will do this and post a photo for you to see our version.

  6. Saw this on Pinterest and clicked on over. We made this craft tonight and it was lots of fun. On the country map my children made hearts on the states that our friends and family live in, it was a great visual. Thanks so much for posting!

    • That is such a cute idea- I think we might have to do something like that. We have family all over, and it would be such a great visual for the kids to have a better idea where they are. Thanks so much for sharing:).

  7. What a great idea! I will collect what I can as we have an amazing little island filled with interesting history We have had 2 penal settlements (England sent their convicts here in the late 1700’s) then when the convict settlements were abandoned, Queen Victoria gave the island to the desendants of the Mutiny of the Bounty fame. The local dialect is a mixture of old English and Tahitian, it has become a language on its own. A subtropical island full of volcanic rich red soils and interesting plants as well as tropical reefs. I will speak to the local language teacher at school as she has some great craft ideas & songs, the recipes are great too.

  8. This is awesome! We were just talking, in my teaching team, about kids and their concepts of states vs. countries! This will be a perfect activity to do now, for this year’s kids, and at the beginning of next year!

  9. Here is the link to the Norfolk Island language site, it has online puzzle activities and games using the Norf’k laenwij (language) you can even record yourself speaking norf’k. http://www.norfolklanguage.nlk.nf/
    I hope to find a site with all the unique island recipes on, although they are all in some cookbooks available on the website too.

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  12. Hi Becky,
    I produce videos for a website called Mom’s Homeroom. It is a collaboration between Microsoft and Kellogg’s and our focus is empowering moms with creative ideas and a community that can help them guide their children to academic success.
    I came across your site while researching an episode on making boring homework fun. Your ideas are so creative and easy for moms to replicate so I’m interested in finding out a little more about your work and inspiration maybe for an episode on raising globally minded kids?
    Contact me if you’d like to talk about it.
    Best wishes,
    Beth Ruchlin

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  14. I love this! My first lesson I ever did with my pre-education observation classes was “Our Place in the World” I hope you don’t mind, I linked to you from my blog at http://www.studentteachingsurvival.blogspot.com!
    Thank you so much!

  15. I loved this idea and did it with my two younger boys. So cute and a lot of fun! The book Me on the Map goes along perfectly with this activity. Thanks for sharing!

    • kidworldcitizen

      Yay! I’m so glad you liked it! Learning about how we fit into the bigger world is such an important concept for kids. Keep reinforcing it and their budding geography skills will continue to grow:).

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  17. Thank you for this great idea! We shared it on our Academic Advancement blog this morning! http://www.academicadvancement.org/1/post/2012/09/my-place-in-the-world.html

  18. I was making this with my son, and while I’m cutting out the yellow circle, he says “is that the sun?” Now we are doing the same thing with the solar system and planets! So he can remember what order they go in!!!

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  23. Thanks for sharing your idea! Looks great. Have you seen the book Me and my place on the map? It would be a great tie in.

    • Yes! I saw that book after making the project, so we read it and then revisited our locations:). I need to re-write the post to include that- they go hand in hand!

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  26. This is a great idea!!!! I love it and I will certainty do it with my child!

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  28. WOW! I like the Idea!! I love those craft my will love this two.

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  31. This is a great project. Thank you so much for linking it to the History and Geography Meme.

  32. We tried this and went even further out! We had Solar System, Milky Way and Universe. We added county in there too between city and state.

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  36. Thank you so much!!! This is the best project idea I’ve ever seen.  It will help me out a lot because I have twins that are doing the same project.

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  39. I really love your idea and I am now starting to do this activity with my students. Thanks for sharing. :-)

  40. Thank you for this wonderful idea – our kids at church just did this activity and thoroughly enjoyed the entire process! :)

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  42. Thanks so much with sharing this idea. I will be using it with our World Cup topic!!

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  49. Great idea. Students really love to participate in this project. By this lesson plan, teachers can easily create awareness in their students about globalization.

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